Comprehensive cooperation and complementarity:
  comprehensive cooperation with universities and research institutions and Intel, Qualcomm, MTK, Microsoft, CSR, Samsung, TI and other world famous chip, software solutions company.

  Cross-border applications, cloud and terminal:
  create smart home product ecosystem.

  Build Platform, Create future:
  3NOD and the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau committee together to build intellectual life Creators museum; the successful formation of Shenzhen wisdom Family Association

  Technological innovation, the international leader:
  3NOD have had hundreds of inventions and utility model patents in the electronics, electro-acoustic design, construction technology, software applications and other fields, and the number of patents has double-digit growth per year .

  Modular design, cost-effective quality:
  3NOD  technological innovation not only focus on creative exploration, but also concerned about the standard modular design