Shenshen 3nod Digital Technology Company Limited (Former 3nod Electronics) was founded in 1996. 3nod was famed in focused on Electro-acoustic, Electronics, Software, Mechanical Engineering, extraordinary Industrial Design and best User Experience Design. Innovation has always been the soul of 3nod. We develop & deliver products in wide aspect, such as Headphones, Multimedia Speakers, Home Theatre, Artistic Ultra Thin Profile Speakers, Internet Speakers, Digital Broadcasting System Receiver, Multi-Room Speaker & AV system, Streaming Media System, WiFi/Bluetooth & various RF Technology Audio & Video Products and various cross-over products such as LED Light Speakers Products. We provide our partners & end customers a one-stop Audio & Video solution.

  With our OPM (Original Planning Manufacturing) model, we continue to explore different business model to corporate in various cross-over industries, and thus serve our customers & partners. 3nod leading Audio & Video technologies and differentiated product designs had won many worldwide awards & patents. We are well recognized by society, global major customers, mass medias & general users.

  Nowadays, 3nod had become the number one leading Audio OPM company. Our customer base covered International renowned audio brands such as Harman, Philips, Logitech, Monster, Creative Labs, leading Chinese mobile phones brand manufacturers for accessories such as Xiaomi, Huawei, OPPO, Lenovo, fashion brands for cross-over products such as Puma, Skullcandy, Marley, and many internet companies such as LeTV, PPTV, Baofeng TV, ChangBa, Kuwo, KuGou, ZhongAn Insurance etc.

  3nod embrace the "Internet+" era opportunities with "Sound+" concept, which derives from the need of music listening and evolve different audio services and products. From traditional professional audio customer, we develop ourselves to become an industrial expert to serve all cross-over brands customer who need "Sound". Our customer categories cover audios, mobile terminals, home terminals & internet enterprises. We provide more than just hardware and software that make the sound, we are pushing to audio communication, vocal interactions and audio services with different business models.

  We build human-machine interface with touch button, touch screen to voice-over-command and its ecosystems; We build vocal interfacing services beyond visual interface which based on smart phones, tablet, television or computer screen; We build the standard and the industry plot for acoustic interconnection, thus develop the IoT devices based on vocal services; We promptly enter the IPTV, smart wearables and smart home devices domain via the vocal interfacing technology; We develop our industrial competency via B2B business model, whereas entering the B2C market via resources integration with direct investment, cooperation, partnership or brand licensing.

  With the foundation of vocal services and audio products, we are becoming the world's leading manufacturer in developing AV products & contents, smart wearables and smart living products.