With the rapid development of science and technology, products including home movie entertainment, intelligence appliance, intelligent security, smart healthcare, distance education, smart phone or tablet were found in large quantities in homes. The day has come for both upgrading the smart home overall solution and industrial revolution. At the same time, Shenzhen is setting up and developing the most comprehensive and largest industrial chain related to smart home in China.

  As the first president of Smart Home Association, 3NOD and its smart home department, taking the mission of promoting industrial development, determine the “4 standards and 1 centre” strategic direction. “4 standards” means standardization ( for products and product standard system), branding ( for enterprise brand), marketization ( for the realization of products and projects), platformization ( for the platform of the whole process); “1 centre” means we put the smart life as a basic centre and promote the science and technology innovation.  Besides that, we also foster industrial cluster in the way of “ six-one project”: one conference, one exhibition, one institution, one park, one foundation, one alliance.

  With the support of “smart home creator” spirit, in the field of smart home, 3NOD has produced many family entertainments and smart information products. We also carefully orchestrated the Smart Home Exhibition Room and Smart 2030. In the future, we will combine our advantages and work hard together with the excellent partners to make smart home industry big. We also hope that we could give a perfect smart gift to every one who loves his or her family.